Some of my work & Accountability Platform

Enahgy is the Athlete Support Network. Their accountability platform I have developed using React and Firebase to deliver an app which allows coaches and athletes track their daily and weekly targets. Their website I built using Vue (Nuxt) and Netlify.

Nintendo Players UK

Nintendo Players UK lets the Nintendo community manage and advertise meetups in their area. Nintendo Players UK began life as a Wordpress site. I've since rebuilt it completely in NodeJS with some React sprinkled in the UI along with MonogDB in the back end.
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I was approached by the owner of Tällt to develop the front-end and PHP code for a Wordpress site so they can easily manage the site and keep track of any prospects they receive through the sites contact form.
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Kitson Photography

Custom design and development of a Wordpress site for a wedding photographer.
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Das Horn

Front-end development of a custom Shopify theme for a novelty drinking horn company.
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Bristol Soundproofing

Custom Wordpress theme design, Front-end and PHP development for a local builder to allow them to advertise their business and update their project gallery.
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